What We Do

What We Do

We use social media page management & advertisements, search-engine optimization and email marketing as means of growing your business.

How Social Media Can Help Grow Your Business:

In the modern age of technology, in order to grow your business, you must expand your reach of clientele. Whereas word of mouth, billboards, and yard-signs just don’t cut it these days – social media can be crucial to expanding your audience, which ultimately expands your potential for new clients – and thus, $. Though proven lucrative, social-media management can be quite tedious. That’s where we at 281Digital come in.

Most social media outlets have the capacity to target your advertisements to a very specific audience. We can help tailor your design and reach to those that would find your product/services most attractive.

How SEO Can Help Grow Your Business:

When you have a question or need a service, you generally go straight to the internet. Most people’s eyes will not go further than the first few results. Search Engine Optimization ensures that your links are at the top of any search page, maximizing your potential to be discovered. SEO optimization is becoming one of the most common competitive marketing tools – meaning there is a good chance your competitors are doing it and so should you.

In simple terms, a search engine does not have the same complex understanding that the human brain does. When it navigates your website’s content for key terms and themes, it does not always accurately pick up what your business is trying to convey. 281Digital will do an initial assessment of both your and your competitor’s standings in the search engine algorithm, and then weigh our findings against industry standard root factors that increase a search engine’s visibility. We will not only find and fix any holes in your website,  but we will make it a priority to continuously navigate the intricacies of the algorithm to ensure that your business remains on top. 


The bright side about SEO is that you are already half-way to your sale because you are advertising to those that are already in search of your product/service. SEO ensures that your business will come across as the solution to the problem that the buyer is already asking to solve. 


How Email Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business:

E-mail marketing is an affordable, accessible and a frequently-seen example of marketing with a very high ROI. Your business can cut printing and mailing costs, while increasing brand recognition, expanding your network and most importantly – keeping an open dialogue with your target audience. 281Digital will help your business by creating, organizing and managing appealing and strategic email campaigns.

As a community-based company, 281Digital understands that Houston runs on small businesses just as much as it does large corporations. Email marketing allows for businesses with smaller marketing budgets to still put their name in the hat for new clientele, while also fostering the relationships already built with current customers.


Everyone has an email address, let us help you reach them in an efficient, design-oriented, and tasteful way.

Who We Are

Connor Byrne

Connor has an enormous passion for digital marketing. Connor finds immense satisfaction in helping businesses grow and prosper greatly from digital marketing.

When Connor isn’t working, he’s usually either learning more about digital marketing, fishing with his buddies or working out. Connor is also active in his church and likes helping others.

Aidan Byrne

Aidan is Connor’s younger brother. Aidan is very inquisitive, dedicated to completing tasks at-hand, a hard worker and Aidan certainly doesn’t give up easily.

In his free time, Aidan likes hanging out with his friends and working on his car.

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